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I post lengthy on my FB

"Sorry if you tried to get at my phone yesterday. My only excuse it that I had some professional napping in between being a professional. Woke up from aforementioned naps only to finally complete Gears of War 3, attempt to remember how to play Fifa Street 3 before taking on the reboot, and to eat the shit out of Jollibee. 

Yesterday morning, I saw this graphic of a Penn Jillette quote and it touched on my sentiments like a creepy uncle. Therefore, I’ve got to say this: Check out the discount bin at GameStop for Xbox 360. There’s a ton of monumental titles in there (as well as some fun party joke games) for around $5-$15 USD. I’m only calling out a retail outlet by name because those companies need your help, and their used game membership program is actually an awesome deal (a week long-trial period on anything used, 10% discount on used, an informative magazine, heh, rewards points to a fun little shop, and valuable coupons and offers). After the next generation of consoles, the retail power is more-than-likely going to go back to developers. If you’ve seen the way they handle selling content to us as of late (Can you say, “Hello WTF DLC”?), we are sort of all screwed if we can’t buy used. Games stored in “The Cloud”, download-only first-party titles, and the death of physical media are the future we’ve arrived to. The transition brings with it with more casualties than anyone would like to admit (shouts to musicians, journalists, meteorologists, that stripper bitch in my trunk..), but the time here is NOW so lets deal with it.

In Sum:

Sorry I sucked at returning calls yesterday. 
Buy used games at GameStop. 
Suckadick. “

Damn coffee and rain. Makes me ramble. Now to finish up this App for my Canadian Bros. If you need me, I’ll be at the Silverlake creative space making this room sound like a spaceship.